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Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia (EA) - Skills Assessment


CDR Service Overview


In our CDR Service, Stage 1 Competency Assessment, we offer professional assistance to engineers who want to apply for Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia. We assist our clients to prepare customised competency demonstration reports in line with their career lines and qualifications. Our experience in engineering and CDR preparation guarantees high-quality documents  with 100% success rate.


We also offer assistance to engineers applying for:


How to Order your CDR

To order your CDR, identify your preferred CDR Option, Check the Prices, and send an order request by filling the Order Request Form.

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Preparation of Competency Demonstration Report for Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia

This service is for professional engineers who want to migrate to Australia through the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Pathway.  If your engineering competency assessment falls under this category, you can hire our team to prepare the required CDR documentation.

Whether you want us to prepare your CDR from scratch, or review an already prepared CDR,  you are in the right place. 

We are experienced engineers, and therefore you don't have to worry in case you have not worked on three qualified engineering projects. You can select CDR Option B service package and provide the background details to be used by our experts to develop compelling project cases in line with your employment and/or education qualifications.

We prepare CDR Reports for Different Engineering Fields


Engineers Base Consultants has expertise in the preparation of CDRs for all engineering fields including but not limited to:


  • Mechanical, Production, Plant, Industrial and Materials Engineering.

  • Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering.

  • Civil, Structural and Transport Engineering

  • Marine, Naval Architect

  • Medical and Biomedical engineering.


Your CDR report will be assigned to an experienced engineer in your occupation category to optimize the end results. In addition, we deploy a strict Quality Assurance Model in our CDR service.


Why Choose Us for your CDR?

At EBC we just don't write your CDR, we follow a systematic procedure to prepare your CDR. We take ample time to evaluate your projects against the requirements set by Engineers Australia. In case we notice any deficiencies, we will contact you to discuss the way forward. We start the CDR writing process only when everything has been perfectly aligned with the MSA guidelines.

We would like to point out that we receive a large number of CDRs that were submitted for skills assessment and rejected by Engineers Australia. In most cases, someone without the requisite engineering knowledge was hired to write them . This cannot happen at EBC because your CDR will be prepared by engineers with the necessary background knowledge in your nominated occupation.

At EBC, your CDR will be prepared with the highest-quality and in full compliance with EA requirements.

Why no CDR has ever been Rejected by Engineers Australia from our Service


As experienced engineers, we understand the importance of CDR to our clients. Therefore, we handle each CDR with utmost care. Most of our senior members have worked as engineers in Australia and the UK.  As such, we are cognizant of the strict CDR assessment requirements set by engineers Australia. In summary:


  • We take time to prepare your CDR following strict Quality Assurance procedures.

  • We prepare your CDR in accordance with the Engineers Australia's Migration Skills Assessment rules.

  • We are experienced engineers and therefore have the requisite engineering skills and knowledge..

  • We believe in professionalism and quality as our pillar; hence, we provide high quality-CDR reports to our clients.

  • We value your money: We prepare high-quality Competency Demonstration Reports with 100% sucess rate .