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Please cross-check the above details and send your request by clicking the button below. Note: The EMAIL Address you entered will be used to contact you via email.




Create Account on our Portal for better Communication  and Order Management


If you are planning to place an order, please Create an Account on our PORTAL. You only need a valid email address to create and verify your account. From your account, you will be able to:

  • create orders and add order items

  • Upload and download documents

  • Receive, sign and upload contract

  • Send and receive messages from the team using the messaging tools

  • Post comments/documents on the order record

  • Receive customer support

  • Make payments securely via PayPal

  • Many more.

Its free to create an account and register orders. However, for the team to start working on your order, you must pay at least the first installment.


Other Contact Details



Our Teams

  • Australian Team: Offers EA support services, namely CDR, NER and CPEng

  • UK Team: Offers engineering design services (globally) and project management (the UK only).


Note: Since our model allows remote working, some members of the above teams may not necessarily be in the UK or Australia.


Official Emails

  • info@engineersbase.com for general inquiries

  • cdr@engineersbase.com for CDR inquiries

  • ner@engineersbase.com for NER inquiries

  • cpeng@engineersbase.com for Chattered Engineer (CPEng) inquiries

  • design@engineersbase.com for Engineering Design inquiries


Please note that you may also contact us via our alternative email engineersbaseconsultants@gmail.com.



Calling Requirements

Polite Request: Please observe the calling requirements to enable us to serve you better.



For CDR, NER and CPEng Clients: If you are contacting us to inquire about our CDR, NER or CPEng services, please visit the CDR Help, NER Help or CPEng Help pages first to check  the REQUIREMENTS. Finally, fill out the Order Request Form (ORF) to register your order


Central Coordination Centre

In case you have an urgent issue, you may call us on:

+ 44 113 4900 132: Calling hours: Mon to Fri 8.00am - 4.00pm UK time (GMT+1)


Address: Rawdon Drive, Rawdon, Leeds, United Kingdom



CDR, CPEng and NER services are offered 100% online by the Australian Team.