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We run Things, We run the World!!

Engineers make things happen: from smart cities, to advanced machines and digital technology. Moving from one location to another in search of new challenges and opportunities is one of the pieces of the jigsaw. For those who have chosen Australia and New Zealand, we have some materials for you.

Photo of a modern city, showing advanced civil engineering work

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

This is for engineers planning to go through stage 1 – skills assessment by Engineers Australia.

Before starting your Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) with Engineers Australia, it is important to understand some critical CDR requirements and technicalities that can prevent you from securing a positive outcome.
Common CDR Questions

It is not unusual to receive ‘Additional Information’ request from EA after submitting your CDR for MSA. The worst case scenario is when you are asked to provide original project reports that you do not have access to. The best solution is to avoid a situation that can lead to such as scenario. Follow this link below to understand the problem and the solution:
Does EA request for the original project reports used to prepare career episodes?


Chartered Engineering Professionals


These include:

  • Chartered professional engineers

  • Chartered engineering associates

  • Chartered engineering technologists


Australian chartered credential is the highest level of professional recognition that an engineer can attain after practicing for more than 5 years.

Do you have 5 or more years of engineering experience?

Get the right information on how to secure the chartered status in Australia.

National Engineering Register (NER)

Do you want to boost your profile as an engineer in Australia and globally? If you have attained 5 years of engineering experience, you can enrol for registration in the NER with Engineers Australia.

Read more details about the Australian National Engineering Register and the assessment requirements as outlined by Engineers Australia.

How to get registered in the NER in 2022?

Need NER assistance?

Check the NER service details and get in touch with us.