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Buy CDR Sample for Engineers Australia

If you want to write your own Competency Demonstration Report (CDR Report) for immigration to Australia, it would be a good idea to obtain a well-prepared CDR sample and then use it to guide you throughout the process. Engineers Base Consultants has several sample CDR reports prepared specifically for this purpose.


You can order CDR samples for Various Occupations:


  • Sample CDR for Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer and Production Engineer

  • CDR Sample for Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer.

  • CDR sample for Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer and Instrumentation Engineer.

  • Sample CDR for Medical and Bio-Medical Engineer

  • CDR Sample for Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer


Our CDR samples are available at a small fee.


See the price breakdown below:

  • To order a complete CDR Report Sample, you only need 50 USD.

  • To order one Career Episode you need 20 USD

  • To order a sample summary statement you will need 25 USD


How to Order your CDR Sample


Fill the Order Request Form below and send it to us to initiate the process. To ensure a perfect match, we will contact you via cdr@engineersbase.com before sending the payment details and the ordered sample.



Avoid Plagiarism in your CDR: Do not copy any online materials; instead, use your own words and reasoning to prepare your CDR. In case you need assistance, you can hire our experts to prepare a high-quality CDR that will be accepted by Engineers Australia.



CDR Sample Order Form

Please cross-check the above details and send your request by clicking the button below. Note: The EMAIL Address you entered will be used to contact you via cdr@engineersbase.com