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Quality Assurance (QA) Model

Engineers Base Consultants, will strive to achieve the highest quality in all our services. Our aim is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction through the provision of top-quality engineering services.

We believe that the quality of the final project is a function of the efficiency of the entire process used to produce the product. For the process to be efficient, all important stake holders need to be involved. In this regard, we have developed a Quality Assurance Model that is based on process monitoring and involvement of both the client and the Quality Assurance team (see the flow chart in figure 1).

In our QA model, the client is involved in the project process by providing him/her with project drafts. The client reviews the project draft and provides a feedback to the project team so that any modifications are implemented as the project progresses. We have only included three stages, but there can be many stages depending on the nature of the project.

On completion, the raw draft is sent to the QA team for quality evaluation. The QA team gives their feedback to the project team after each evaluation as shown in the QA model in figure 1 below. The Project Team takes into consideration, the client's and QA’s feedbacks and incorporates the relevant modifications if any. The process is repeated until the final stage as shown in the simplified QA model below.

Quality complaints:

In case you are dissatisfied, please get in touch with our QA Team via quality@engineersbase.com


The QA model is applicable to all our services. All services involve document submission to the client ranging from reports to engineering drawings and CAD models.