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CDR – Does Engineers Australia ask for the Original Project Reports used to Prepare Career Episodes?

During Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA), the assessor may identify some shortcomings in the submitted Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Depending on the nature of the identified issues, the EA Assessor may request for additional information, including but not limited to the original project reports used to prepare the Career Episodes, drawings, calculation sheets or new/revised career episodes.

If the submitted CDR meets all the requirements stated in the MSA Booklet, EA will not request for any additional information.

Usually, Engineers Australia asks for the original project reports to verify and validate the career episodes whenever there are some doubts. In case any of the career episodes is deemed weak by the assessor, a revision or complete rewrite of the affected career episodes may also be requested.

The deadline for the submission of Additional Information to Engineers Australia is 30 days. Consequently, the assessment period is prolonged by 30 days or more.

Reasons why being Asked for the Original Project Reports is a Major Concern

The “Additional Information Request” by Engineers Australia is not a good sign – It is indicative of a potential negative CDR assessment outcome. For a high success rate, the applicant must do all it takes to avoid being asked for the additional information.

Admittedly, it might be difficult to get the original reports and other requested reference materials due to a myriad of factors. For instance, a project that was carried out 10 years ago may have limited documentation available for submission.

Also, if an applicant has changed employers or relocated to a different country, it can be difficult obtain the project reports and other reference materials. Lastly, it is worth acknowledging that both the softcopies and hardcopies of reference materials such as project reports, drawings, photos and calculation sheets can be easily misplaced.

It is important to note that in most cases, engineers have to tweak their projects a little to fully meet the EA’s assessment criteria. In such cases, it can get complicated if the original project reports and other reference materials were to be requested by the EA assessor.


Best Ways to Avoid the Additional Information Request by Engineers Australia


To avoid being requested by Engineers Australia to provide evidence of the original project reports used to write CDR career episodes and/or other reference materials, follow the following recommendations:


  • Originality: Avoid plagiarism by preparing the career episodes, summary statement and CPD using your own words. Plagiarism attracts a serious penalty as described in the next subheading.

  • Quality: Prepare the Career Episodes using high-quality engineering projects. Demonstrate good command of the English language and avoid using vague arguments.

  • Skill Level and Qualification: Observe the knowledge and skill level for the selected category and occupation. Avoid claiming to have accomplished tasks that appear way beyond your skillset and qualification.

  • Authenticity of Credentials: Ensure that all certificates, reference letters and migration & identification documents are authentic and certified by the issuer. Ensure information such as names and jobs have a 100% match across all documents.


While preparing your career episodes, ensure complete compliance with the MSA guidelines and the ANZSCO definition of the nominated engineering occupation.

The Consequences of Plagiarised Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD

In case a significant amount of plagiarism is detected in the Career Episodes, Summary Statement or CPD, serious consequences may follow. These may include CDR rejection and a 12 months ban. In some instances, criminal charges related to forgery may be preferred against the applicant by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Plagiarism shows that you may not be able to commit yourself to EA's code of ethics.

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Author: Peter N. M.

A mechanical engineer, programmer, tech-enthusiast and an experienced technical writer