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CPEng Prices - Revised

Payment Plans

Instalment plan

The total fee is broken down into 2-4 instalments. The first instalment is paid on order placement, while the remaining instalments are paid each at a time after receiving subsequent drafts from the team. This plan does not apply to orders charged less than 150 USD.

Full plan

The total fee is paid in full on order placement. This is available for all services, purely by choice.

Standard Pathway (via Industry review)

The prices below are based on the standard pathway (Industry review). Other pathways have fewer documentary requirements

Evidence statements: 35 USD each, total = 35*16 = 560 USD
Evidence narratives:
70 USD each (These are only required for competency elements that have insufficient evidence)
120 USD
CPD log:
50 USD
Total = To be calculated based on the ordered documents


Chartered Via the Interview Pathway


The following standard charges apply to each of the items:


  • Detailed CV: 150 USD

  • CPD Log: 50 USD

  • Self-Assessment Document: 15*16 = 240 USD

  • Consultation: 0 USD (Free)


Total  = To be calculated based on the ordered documents

Other Pathways (Academic and Defence)

Please get in touch with us via cpeng@engineersbase.com

Thank you for your interest in our services. Good luck!