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CPEng Order Request Form (ORF)



1. Create an EA Client Account – Recommended

For efficient, secure and centralised order management, please create an EA-Client Account on our Portal. Both account creation and initial order registration are free. However, for the team to start working on your order, you must add order items and pay at least the first installment. The account will allow you to:

  • Create orders and add order items

  • Upload and download documents

  • Receive, sign and upload contract

  • Send and receive messages from the team using the messaging tools

  • Post comments/documents on the order record

  • Receive customer support

  • Make payments securely via PayPal

  • Many more.


2. Alternatively, start by Filling Out the Order Request Form below

Fill the CPEng ORF below to initiate the ordering process. In case the form does not fully address your requirements, please don't worry; you can send other details later to the email cpeng@engineersbase.com.


Evidence Statements (standard pathway)
CV (all pathways)
Evidence Narratives (standard pathway)
CPD (all pathways)
Self-Assessment Doc (Interview pathway)
Please cross-check the above details and send your request by clicking the button below. Note: The EMAIL Address you entered will be used to contact you via cpeng@engineersbase.com