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CPEng Order Request Form (ORF)

In case the form does not fully address your requirements, please don't worry; you can send other details later to the email cpeng@engineersbase.com.

Order Placement Requirements

Kindly  make sure that you have checked through the CPEng service details before sending your order request. If you need more information about the chartered application, please read this article on how to become a chartered engineer in Australia.

Note that:
(a)  You will be required to clear at least 25% of the total amount to initiate your order after receiving the Order Approval Email.
(b) Slots will only be reserved for free if order registration is closed.

Evidence Statements
Evidence Narratives
Please cross-check the above details and send your request by clicking the button below. Note: The EMAIL Address you entered will be used to contact you via cpeng@engineersbase.com