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Prices for All CDR Options

Payment Plans

1. Instalment plan

The total fee is broken down into 2-4 instalments depending on the number of deliverables. The first instalment is paid on order placement, while the remaining instalments are paid each at a time after receiving subsequent drafts from the team. This plan does not apply to orders charged less than 150 USD.

2. Full plan

The total fee is paid in full on order placement. This is available for all services, purely by choice.

Below are the prices for all CDR Options.


CDR option A: Prices


  • Master CDR Package .....500 USD (Discounted)


The Master CDR Package includes three career episodes, Summary Statement and CPD. You will save 120 USD by purchasing the Master CDR Package instead of separate  items.



CDR option B: Prices


  • Master CDR Package.....750 USD (Discounted)


Master CDR Package comprises of three career episodes, the summary statement CPD. You will save 120 USD by purchasing the Master CDR Package Option B instead of separate items.


Price Negotiation:

CDR Option B may be charged a lower price depending on:

  • Client's level of involvementĀ 

  • Available reference materials

  • The amount of work input required from our team

We will review each case and determine whether a lower price is possible. After the review, your order may be categorized as follows:

  • CDR Option B: Master Package charged ..750 USD

  • CDR Option B-1: Master Package charged ...700 USD

  • CDR Option B-2: Master Package charged ...650 USD



CDR Option C: Prices


The prices for CDR option C will vary depending on the requirements. CDR option C (Reviewing  fee is payable)

  • Minor Editing: ....250 USD

  • Medium Editing:..350 USD

  • Major editing: .....450 USD

To know the category of your CDR and the amount payable, you will be required to send your CDR for a review by our QA officer.


Note: A 40 USD reviewing fee is payable, but this will be counted as part of the above charges. You may use the comprehensive reviewers feedback to revise your CDR or hire our team to do it for you. If the reviewer finds minimal deficiencies, he/she may recommend that you do the revision by yourself and send back the revised CDR for another review. The 2nd review will be free, but other reviews 3rd, 4th etc will be charged 20 USD each.


CDR option D: Prices

A complete CDR Option D package will be charged 150 USD, payable in one instalment

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