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Notice Area - Please Read



Quality Assurance

To avoid exceeding the maximum workload limits of our teams, our order registration process is strictly controlled. This helps us to deliver high-quality documents with a guaranteed positive EA outcome.


Create an EA Client Account – Recommended

For efficient, secure and centralised order management, please create an EA-Client Account on our Portal. Both account creation and initial order registration are free. However, for the team to start working on your order, you must add order items and pay at least the first installment. The account will allow you to:

  • Create orders and add order items

  • Upload and download documents

  • Receive, sign and upload contract

  • Send and receive messages from the team using the messaging tools

  • Post comments/documents on the order record

  • Receive customer support

  • Make payments securely via PayPal

  • Many more.


Sending Order Requests

Please send your Order/Pre-Order request by filling out the Order Request Form (ORF). You can also access the ORF using the ‘Send Order Request Now’ button at the bottom right corner of this page. You will be advised accordingly upon receipt of your request as per the criteria outlined below:


Normal Orders

  • Upon receipt of a new Order Request, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) shall consult with the respective team and advise the client accordingly.

  • Depending on the workload of the Team, a realistic deadline shall be agreed upon before the order is registered.


Very Urgent Orders

In some instances, the client may be facing a critical situation. This may include job-related issues, lapsing of the additional information submission window or pending expiration of documents such as IELTS results, Visas or Work Permits.  In such cases, we will discuss and agree on an acceptable deadline.



  • Each order is supported by a Service Contract duly signed by the client and our HoD.

  • The total fee is payable in 4 instalments unless stated otherwise in the contract.

  • In case the client orders the CV only, no contract shall be signed.



CDR: 2-4 weeks
NER: 2-4 weeks
Chartered: Depends on the selected pathway