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Notice Area - Please Read


Based on Quality considerations, most of our teams have already reached the maximum workload they can handle at the moment. Therefore, from now until 1st of Feb 2022, we will take each new order after confirming with the respective team and agreeing on a realistic deadline with the client.


Although we may not be able to accept a huge volume of orders, we will always be available to discuss with our clients on what we can do to assist them. To initiate the process, please follow the procedure below.



Please send your Order or Pre-Order requests by filling the Order Request Form (ORF). You may also use the ‘Send Order Request Now’ button at the bottom right corner of this page. You will be advised accordingly upon receipt of your request as per the above criteria.



Order Completion Time

CDR: 2-4 weeks
NER: 2-4 weeks
Chartered: Depends on the selected pathway