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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to assist Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.
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A Team of Professional Engineers in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc offering three types of Engineering Services, namely Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation and writing services, Engineering Design services and Engineering Documentation services.
How it Works

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), Engineering Design

and Engineering Documentation Servic


1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Preparation Services
Three Career Episodes
Summary Statement

2. Engineering Design Services

Project Reports
Bid documents

3. Engineering Documentation Services

(engineering & management)
Our business model is based on three elements: Product Quality & Value, Professionalism and Security for your Money. We therefore follow a systematic legal procedure when registering new orders. We also offer a 45 days Money back guarantee for all the above orders in accordance with our payment terms and conditions. Our strict Quality Assurance Model helps us to monitor the quality of our services on a daily basis. This is why our customers are always satisfied. We will check your work for quality before sending the final Package.
Engineers Base Consultants is a reliable Online Engineering Company owned and operated by a team of experienced engineers in different fields. We offer our services in the areas that we are best in. In addition, we don't overload ourselves by registering more orders than we can handle. Our Company is divided into four departments as shown below.

1. CDR Service Department                      
2. Engineering Design and Projects Department
3. Research Department                    
4. Quality Assurance Department

These departments work together to ensure that your projects are submitted in the highest quality possible. Your project will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance team before being handed over to you. In case you are not satisfied with the project results, you can raise your concerns to the QA as described on the QA page (Quality concerns and complaints). The engineers who offer  services at Engineers Base Consultants have vast skills in different areas of  engineering.

For instance, the CDR Service Department consists of a team of engineers who have been working in countries such as Australia and the UK. Based on their experience, the engineers will provide you with a high quality Competency Demonstration Report that suits your needs.
Similarly, our engineering design services are offered by qualified engineers who have  worked on major design projects in different countries in the past. Our designs at Engineers Base Consultants are based on international design standards such as ASHRAE, CIBSE for building services among others.Finally our Engineering Documentation  team consists of engineers who have served as professors in some of the best universities in the UK, US, Australia and Africa. Most of them have worked as university examination system auditors and therefore highly conversant with the requirements of final year engineering projects. We may not be able to completely describe our teams; we will let you test their skills and notice the difference. 
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CAD Drafting, Solid & Surface Modeling, FEA and CFD, Building Services (mechanical, electrical structural)

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Project Reports
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